With family and friends / Avec famille et amis

By order of appearance / Par ordre d’apparition :

Uncle Jinwon, Tonton Xavier, cousine Godmother/Marraine Caroline, Mamie Suzanne, cousine Chloe, cousin Alexandre, Tata Christine, Tonton Raynald, Papy Roland, Mamie Danielle, cousine Lalanne, cousin Luc, Granny Mieke, auntie Elena, uncle Philippe, Tante Willemien, Oom Tjerk, auntie Caroline, uncle Florian, Tante Helga, Doctor Moreau (his pediatrician), Tata Chantal, Tonton Guy, cousine Alice, Tata Marie-Pierre, Tonton Max,with Tonton Maxcousine Charlotte,with cousine Charlottecousin Alexis, with cousin Alexis

cousine Christinewith cousine Christine cousin Daniel, with cousin Daniel

Tata Lydie, with Tata Lydie

Tata Ka, with Tata Ka

auntie Myunghee, with auntie Myunghee

uncle Laurent, with uncle Laurent

uncle Olivier, with uncle Olivier

auntie Linda, with auntie Linda

uncle Xavier, with uncle Xavier

Santa, with Santa

auntie Bella, with auntie Bellaauntie Jocelyn, with auntie Jocelyn

auntie Alison, with auntie Alison

auntie Lovelyn,with auntie Lovelyn

cousin Julien, with cousin Julien

Grandpa Rudy, with Grandpa Rudy

Uncle Chris, with Uncle Chris

auntie Caroline,with auntie Caroline

auntie Laura, with auntie Lauraauntie Marietta, with auntie Marietta

auntie Pat Thomas, with auntie Pat Thomasauntie Amy, with auntie Amyauntie Judy, with auntie Judyauntie Vanessa, with auntie Vanessa

auntie Karen, with auntie Karenauntie Ingrid, with auntie Ingriduncle Pierre, with uncle Pierreuncle Nicolas, with uncle Nicolasauntie Kate, with auntie Kate

auntie Tatiana, with auntie Tatianaauntie Leah, with auntie Leahuncle Erwin, with uncle Erwinauntie Jasmin, with auntie Jasminlittle auntie Tamara, with little auntie Tamaraauntie Maggie, with auntie Maggieuncle Gilles, with uncle Gillesuncle Vincent, with uncle Vincentauntie Jane, with auntie Janecousin Pepijn, with cousin Pepijnauntie Laura, with auntie Lauracousine Amelie, with cousine Ameliecousine Clara, with cousine Claracousine Irene, with cousine Ireneauntie Dominique, with auntie Dominiqueauntie Catherine, with auntie Catherineauntie Agnès, with auntie Agnesuncle Vincent, with uncle Vincentauntie Mathilde, with auntie Mathildeauntie Catherinewith auntie Catherineuncle Michael , with Uncle Michaelauntie Christina, with auntie Christinaauntie Daniellewith auntie Danielle

auntie JocelyneIMG_3240 Jocelyne


Happy birthday Oscar / Joyeux anniversaire Oscar

Here we are ! One Year old !

Since this morning everybody is calling me to sing a song, by phone, on Skype…

And also we had a party in the Montsouris Park where I met all my friends (Charlotte, Iris, Olivia, Claire and Malcolm) to celebrate with cupcakes and champagne !

Nous y voilà ! Un an !

Depuis ce matin tout le monde m’appelle pour me chanter une chanson, par téléphone, sur Skype…

Et aussi on a eu une fête dans le parc Montsouris où j’ai retrouvé tous mes amis (Charlotte, Iris, Olivia, Claire and Malcolm) pour célébrer avec des gateaux et du champagne !

P1060286 P1060291 P1060303 P1060306 P1060311 P1060312 P1060398 P1060403 P1060408 P1060412 P1060417 P1060422 P1060427 P1060428 P1060431 P1060457 P1060445 P1060439 P1060452 P1060453 P1060456 P1060464 P1060467

At Pat and Olivier’s / Chez Pat et Olivier

Today all the friends from Seoul were gathered at Pat and Olivier’s home. It was a great time. I can’t wait to see them again !

Aujourd’hui tous les amis de Seoul étaient rassemblés chez Pat et Olivier. C’était un super moment. J’ai hâte de les revoir !

P1040567 P1040571 P1040572 P1040576 P1040591 P1040583 P1040556 P1040598 P1040613 P1040624 P1040640 P1040652 P1040665 P1040672 P1040676 P1040689

Iris’ 1st birthday / Le premier anniversaire d’Iris

Today we were all invited at Iris’ first birthday. Her mom Elaine prepared lots of cupcakes and blanket for us to sit on the grass. I met new friends and it was a nice afternoon.

Aujourd’hui nous étions tous invités au premier anniversaire d’Iris. Sa maman Elaine avait préparé plein de “cup-cakes” et de couvertures pour s’asseoir dans l’herbe. J’ai rencontré de nouveaux amis et ça a été un super après-midi.

P1040409 P1040416 P1040433 P1040438 P1040444 P1040464 P1040474 P1040478 P1040484 P1040485 P1040492 P1040496

First school picture / Première photo de classe

This one is a keeper ! This is the first one of a long serie of school pictures to come ! My parents are so proud !

Celle-ci c’est un collector ! C’est la première d’une longue série de photos de classe à venir ! Mes parents sont si fiers !

Canadian hugs / Calins Canadiens

Welcome to my playground / Bienvenue dans mon aire de jeu

I’ve started recently to be interested in games and noisy little things… and I like to share them with my gang of little friends !

J’ai commencé récemment à m’intéresser aux jeux et petites choses bruyantes… et j’aime les partager avec mon gang de petits amis !



Oscar the socialite / Oscar le mondain

Oscar likes to go out, to the restaurant, bar, café, to meet people, and enjoy nightlife !

Oscar aime sortir, aller au restaurant, au bar, au café, rencontrer du monde et profiter des soirées !

Big kisses from the whole world / Gros bisous du monde entier

Today let’s have a look at all the visits we had on this blog. Sure we will recognize some people!!

Aujourd’hui jetons un oeil à toutes les visites reçues sur ce blog. Sûrement que nous allons reconnaître certaines personnes!

In Europe :
Auntie Karolina W. in London

The French family in Normandy

The Dutch family in Netherlands

in Metz, it must be Auntie Valerie M.

in Paris all the friends and family

in Strasbourg and Lyon, not sure… can you help us?

In North America :

Auntie Kathy M. in British Columbia

in Seattle, the Adam’s family

in Chicago, uncle Mickael

in Ottawa, Auntie Kate N.

in Toronto, Auntie Laura P.

in Montreal, the family and friends

in California (San Mateo and Los Angeles), not sure… can you help us?

in Moscow, Russia, auntie Dominique and uncle Alain

in Bucuresti, Romania, uncle Gabriel

in Delhi, India, Auntie Karine and Uncle Samuel

in Singapore, Auntie Jane, Auntie Bella, Auntie Jocelyn, but also Auntie Agnès D. and Uncle Vincent D.

in Hong-Kong, Auntie Liza

in Korea, all the friends (Auntie Claudine and Uncle Roland, Auntie Mirrell…)

in Australia, Auntie Katrin J. M.

Sorry if we missed your name, just leave a comment (top/left) and we will add you !!

Thanks for all your visits !


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