With family and friends / Avec famille et amis

By order of appearance / Par ordre d’apparition :

Uncle Jinwon, Tonton Xavier, cousine Godmother/Marraine Caroline, Mamie Suzanne, cousine Chloe, cousin Alexandre, Tata Christine, Tonton Raynald, Papy Roland, Mamie Danielle, cousine Lalanne, cousin Luc, Granny Mieke, auntie Elena, uncle Philippe, Tante Willemien, Oom Tjerk, auntie Caroline, uncle Florian, Tante Helga, Doctor Moreau (his pediatrician), Tata Chantal, Tonton Guy, cousine Alice, Tata Marie-Pierre, Tonton Max,with Tonton Maxcousine Charlotte,with cousine Charlottecousin Alexis, with cousin Alexis

cousine Christinewith cousine Christine cousin Daniel, with cousin Daniel

Tata Lydie, with Tata Lydie

Tata Ka, with Tata Ka

auntie Myunghee, with auntie Myunghee

uncle Laurent, with uncle Laurent

uncle Olivier, with uncle Olivier

auntie Linda, with auntie Linda

uncle Xavier, with uncle Xavier

Santa, with Santa

auntie Bella, with auntie Bellaauntie Jocelyn, with auntie Jocelyn

auntie Alison, with auntie Alison

auntie Lovelyn,with auntie Lovelyn

cousin Julien, with cousin Julien

Grandpa Rudy, with Grandpa Rudy

Uncle Chris, with Uncle Chris

auntie Caroline,with auntie Caroline

auntie Laura, with auntie Lauraauntie Marietta, with auntie Marietta

auntie Pat Thomas, with auntie Pat Thomasauntie Amy, with auntie Amyauntie Judy, with auntie Judyauntie Vanessa, with auntie Vanessa

auntie Karen, with auntie Karenauntie Ingrid, with auntie Ingriduncle Pierre, with uncle Pierreuncle Nicolas, with uncle Nicolasauntie Kate, with auntie Kate

auntie Tatiana, with auntie Tatianaauntie Leah, with auntie Leahuncle Erwin, with uncle Erwinauntie Jasmin, with auntie Jasminlittle auntie Tamara, with little auntie Tamaraauntie Maggie, with auntie Maggieuncle Gilles, with uncle Gillesuncle Vincent, with uncle Vincentauntie Jane, with auntie Janecousin Pepijn, with cousin Pepijnauntie Laura, with auntie Lauracousine Amelie, with cousine Ameliecousine Clara, with cousine Claracousine Irene, with cousine Ireneauntie Dominique, with auntie Dominiqueauntie Catherine, with auntie Catherineauntie Agnès, with auntie Agnesuncle Vincent, with uncle Vincentauntie Mathilde, with auntie Mathildeauntie Catherinewith auntie Catherineuncle Michael , with Uncle Michaelauntie Christina, with auntie Christinaauntie Daniellewith auntie Danielle

auntie JocelyneIMG_3240 Jocelyne

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